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  • kavi nodi kavite keli

    Kavi Nodi Kavithe Keli

    Kavi Nodi Kavithe Keli – 21st September, 2014 Bangalore International Academy, Jayanagar, Bangalore. This time Kavi will be Dr. K. S. Nissar Ahmed.

  • Geethothsava – 2014

    Geethothsava – 2014 was conducted in Bangalore with Smt. Rathnamala Prakash as the chairperson in National College Grounds.

  • Mandya Conference

    Geethothsava – 2003 was conducted in Mandya with Sri K S Narasihma Swamy as the chairperson.

  • Shivamogga Conference

    2004 was held in Shimogga which was inaugurated by Dr. Channaveera Kanavi.

  • Chikmagalore Conference

    Geethotsava – 2005 was held in the Coffee land of Chikmagalure under the chairman chip of renowned Sugama Sangeetha artist Smt. H.R. Leelavathi.

  • Bellary Conference

    Geethosthava – 2006 was held in Bellary under the chairman chip of mesmerizing music composer and singer C Ashwath.

  • Hassan Conference

    Geethosthava – 2007 was held in Hassan under the chairman chip of music composer and singer H. K. Narayana.

  • Mangalore Conference

    Geethosthava – 2008 was held in costal district head quarters of Mangalore under the chairman chip of Smt. B. K. Sumitra.

  • Tumkur Conference

    Geethosthava – 2009 was held in Tumkur, Dr. Shimoga Subbanna was the Chairperson

  • Mysore Conference

    Geethithsava – 2010 was held in Mysore and the chairperson was noted singer Smt Shamala Jahargidar.

  • Davanagere Conference

    Geethotsava – 2012 was conducted in Davanagere with Dr. Shamala G Bhave as the chairperson.

  • Dharwada Conference

    Geethothsava – 2013 was conducted in Dharawada with Dr. Anuradha Dhareshwar as the chairperson


Karnataka has a rich heritage of literature, music, fine arts and folklore. Most specific and unique among the Indian literary filed is Karnataka's poetry. Unlike other states in India Karnataka has produced most eminent poets who have enriched the literary world by contributing a great deal in the field of poetry for the last more than a century.

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About Parishath

Karnataka Sugama Sangeetha Parishth had not gained the status of an organizational setup. The cassette movement of Sugama Sangeeth started during 79-80. In the year 1987 a unique musical event was held in Bangalore where noted Sugama Sangeeth artistes were brought together on the single platform for the first time.

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Karnataka Sugama Sangeetha Pariashath is going host "Kavi nodi Kavithe Keli" 4th series on 21st September 2014, at 10.30am in Bangalore International Academy, Jayanagar, Bangalore. This time Kavi will be Dr. K. S. Nissar Ahmed. We cordially inviting you for this event.

We have breakfast fecility at 9:30 am.

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